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Gary Horvat
I used to think you had to be at least a national level weightlifter to have cool photos taken at competitions. Not only is that not true, we are spoiled in Minnesota to have Samantha at just about every meet to capture the magic! You work hard for weeks, months and years...why not commemorate that with an incredible photo package?
— Lauren
Samantha is a rockstar in shooting pics at weightlifting meets. You’re gonna love the way you look!
— Dave

“The weeks/months of training, hard work and preparation for a weightlifting meet cumulate into a single moment of expression and working with am makes it possible to capture the moment. Sam’s photos have caught my best (and worst) lifts with a perspective I miss on meet day. I’m thankful for Sam offering me the ability to look back and reflect on these moments.”

Samantha has been taking my photos since the beginning of my weightlifting journey. It’s amazing being able to look back and see how far I’ve come.
— Yang
Sam understands weightlifting meets and has a great eye for what to capture during the competition process. The end results capture not only the physical aspect of the lifts, but the raw emotion that the weightlifter goes through comes through during the lifts in the photos.
— Ivy
Sara Hill
I want to say a big thank you to Samantha for capturing all the highs, lows, and small but important moments that occur in competition. It is easy as an athlete to let the competition fly by and not take any time to remember the small things. Samantha’s captures everything. It is such a joy to look at after and she does amazing editing on each and every shot.
— Natalie
Daniel Rogers
Samantha is phenomenal. She has a way of hiding and not letting you know she is there. The results? Quality. Trust her, she will not disappoint.
— Keng
Roy Wilson
Samantha is the best. If you are fortunate enough to be lifting at a meet in which she is shooting, book her!
— Courtney

“Sam’s weightlifting photography is outstanding. She manages to capture such clear and stunning images of movements that happen in a blink of an eye. I’ve never been very sports photogenic, but Sam’s talent captures raw strength, struggle and grace all at the same time. She’s so good at capturing intimate moments without you even know she’s there. I look forward to every time Sam is shooting at an event because I know the final product is going to be top notch!”


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