Meet the gal
behind the camera

Hi! I’m Samantha Chin, but everyone calls me Sam. I’m a Minneapolis-based photographer specializing in weightlifting and CrossFit photography. You may have seen me at local weightlifting meets, trying to sneak around with my camera, trying to get the best angle!

I fell in love with weightlifting when I begin training in the sport a couple years ago. I appreciate the incredible amount of time and discipline that one must dedicate to improve in the lifts, then honing it down to six attempts to show off this hard work on the competition platform. I believe that weightlifting athletes at all levels shares this experience, and deserves to have their special moment captured. This is why I started Samantha Chin Photography. 

Well, enough weightlifting talk.

Here are some fun non-weightlifting facts about me. I was born and raised in Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. I’ve lived in three countries - Malaysia, Hong Kong, United States. I speak five different languages. I love to eat and I love to cook. I enjoy traveling. I really like the Avengers. You’ll always catch me hanging out with kids and puppies. I helped photograph, design and publish a book called 100 Days of Technique: A Simple Guide to Olympic Weightlifting. I recently got engaged to the love of my life and will be getting married in 2020!

Next time when you see me at a meet, please come say hi! I promise I won’t bite.

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Instagram at @samanthacys33 and especially my IG story.